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  1. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    let's see where I get with this.. hopefully I do MUCH better than ol' bradly, the convert jew XD

    im a jew, but not a Ashkenazi Jew :p. I'm actually a descendent of the Tribe of Judah, so Jew I am but we rather call ourselves Hebrews.. those Jews in the Holocaust, they are CONVERTS [IMG]

    and i've faced 400 years of oppression and these converts think 6 million of them dying is worse that 99 million real jews who suffered

    enough of my blabbering though.. the bible is not my full belief, not at all, im a metaphysics typa person, but the bible does say, in these days, there will be those who say they are jews but are not.

    the real "Jew-DUHS" don't even know they're past and don't even realize they are jews, only a few.

    none the less.. we are those who have been able to befriend any race and being through our lifetimes, yes their are ignorant people out there, but there are those who know whats up, all i have to do is pull out a bong and say take a hit, and in 3 hours, we end up being good friends [IMG]

  2. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    I have alot of mixed friends, but those I hate are "WHITE SUPREMACIST" and Italian Fascist -_-

    there's no reasoning with them, its kill me or kill them. I HOPE NOBODY TRYNA TEST ME ON THAT, if not, we can hit the bong ^_^ and drink some jager

    and no, i dont practice Judaism the way these convert practice, and feel THEY are so special [IMG]

    but i do study my share of Kabbalah, metaphysics, and alchemy , these converts don't and CANT exploit the truths of the universe.. they lack the chemical component KEY to life[IMG]
  3. Sully ZOMG

    So... What you're saying is... You're a Jew bastard? :biggrin:
  4. |Hs|Darkness Dark mind of |Hs|

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    lol that's sully for ya always looking on the "bastard" side of things :D
    We'll haters are always gona be haters so go figure............althou I don't see why this would be in the verbal rape category but oh well
  5. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    lol, jews get verbal rapage alot, lol. just seeing how far it can go to humor myself

    So, all in all you're still a Jew? :D
  7. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    all and all, im not a "convert" jew, XD but the truth is, i've been psychologically stripped of my heritage/history (down to the t, i have my ideas tho), but trust me, the Jews that alot of people hate.. are not "my" kind.. i'm more of the "ethiopian" descent =/ but everyone should know the story of Mussolini during Hitler's reign on the Jews in Germany, those Italian fascist did a Coup d'etat on Ethiopia =/ >_< but such is life, i dont have a religion, my religion is Metaphysics :D
  8. 400 years of oppression... damn. That makes you a jewpire then, right?
  9. |Hs|Darkness Dark mind of |Hs|

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    ehh as long as your not Brad it's all good here :D :p
  10. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    lol, jewpire? :confused: well, all and all, im not an ashkenazi.. lol, so im not in the category of jews that people assume are jews today.
  11. Jewpire = a Jewish vampire.
  12. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    jewish vampire?? xD
  13. |Hs|Darkness Dark mind of |Hs|

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    eh what can you do lol

    No he is a Jewkazi!!! Jew + Kamikaze = Jewkazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. How does a kamikaze live 400 years? Must fail so much he adds time to his life.
  16. AgAzA ۞ Ag∆zA ۞

    ROFL XD!! that sounds more a like a jewish muslim, which also sounds like a oxymoron. those ashkanazi jews know they did not suffer 400 yrs of oppression, the fascist italians know though!

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