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  1. MiSTA HARDKiLL 卐★Führer★卐

    I want to get us playing games together again. Just because we started the Minecreate thing doesn't mean Hs has to die. Come on guys.

    *looks around*

    Bone, Capt Bone, Sullivan, AJ, Glod, Darkness, Turk, Razor....all of you. Let's be a clan again!
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  2. MineCreate is pretty much our (HonorSoldiers) thang. However, we should start doing things and perhaps start involving Hs with MC a bit more. I do kind of miss L4D :D
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  3. Justin Adolescent of Hs

    I get on L4D2 and nobody wants to play with Justin. :|
  4. captbone |Hs| Member

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    Where i can i will play, just havent been able to run much of the games of the clan since the good ol cod2 days.
  5. Ariados The Eternal

    So what do we play now?
  6. Woe.. Hello there :eek:
  7. Justin Adolescent of Hs

    Well, this is going well
  8. |Hs|Darkness Dark mind of |Hs|

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    I miss the good ol whaca we gona do about it?
  9. Rapture take a chill pill...

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    the good ole days? come on its not that long is it? btw hi all
  10. captbone |Hs| Member

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    Lets tear some shit up!
  11. Sully ZOMG

    Now that BOps 2 is out we should all get together and pubstomp sumbitches.
  12. captbone |Hs| Member

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    sadly took me awhile to figure out BOps

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