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Discussion in 'Genius Room' started by Justin, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Justin Adolescent of Hs

    Okay so I feel so out of place making a suggestion, I mean these as suggestions in the politest ways, not demands, or "or else"s. I think that in order to bring more attention to the clan we should maybe add [Hs] tags to the black ops server or something, that's just a small idea, but we actually have a problem with wallhacks during odd hours of the day. When nobody else is on (as far as I know, because everybody is reluctant to add my Steam, you urethrae) there are various hackers, and people just leave, it'll literally clear out our server. Even the 'regulars' leave. I think there needs to be advertisement of the To Ban or Not To Ban board on the server. The board should have a reporting template since we know all the people that would come would just make a thread like: Title:XxJRaZ0RxX is hacking. Body: I swear he's hacking! Ban him! but if there was a template asking for a demo or something I think it would be good. Anybody that determined to report a hacker would register on the forums (that's half the battle) and they would probably be worth having if they were willing to register to report a hacker. Get where I'm coming from? Of course you do :wub:

    I don't know, just a thought I had today, don't hate me for it :geek:
  2. For Black Ops, getting the video from the game is easy enough, but for other games if there is no video to prove then just go off of how many people report the same person or can witness the hacker in action. Even just one person saying this person is a hacker or might be a hacker would be good since the administration can watch that person when they join the server.

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