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  1. kazmimi KaZ

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    how would I go about getting Office for free?
  2. MiSTA HARDKiLL 卐★Führer★卐

    I'd say bit torrent....but you being on a college connection, I wouldn't advise it, lol...I'll figure something out for ya.
  3. kazmimi KaZ

    Home page:
    ill just gie bill gate a blowjob
  4. Sully ZOMG

    It's called Freeware, very well made, originally developed by Sun (same company that did Java) before Oracle pissed all the dev's off.
  5. There is also OpenOffice depending on your liking. Haven't tried LibreOffice, but I'd assume it probably is pretty good.
  6. Sully ZOMG

    It's pretty much the same thing, just a branch of sorts. Ownership changing hands and whatnot, I'm not all up on the legal jabber, but LibreOffice is a derivative of OpenOffice.
  7. I couldn't remember what the original team of OpenOffice called their new project and once I saw I got confused. LibreOffice developing team consists of the people who made the original OpenOffice. They decided to do their own project once Oracle took over since they didn't like what Oracle had planned with OpenOffice. That's just about everything.
  8. Sully ZOMG

    That's pretty much what I said... Only you had to say it again after me :cunt: :dance:
  9. MiSTA HARDKiLL 卐★Führer★卐

    I said it before both of you. I win?
  10. You win one million... pretzels.
  11. Sully ZOMG

    You didn't say it in this thread, and I doubt whoever needed the software found a months old mention of it in a completely different thread doing them that much good. Gimme my damn pretzels :sparta: :D
  12. Whoops, I threw a glass bottle at your face. My bad.

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