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  1. On a bright sunny day, Sullivan ate some nutz but these weren't nutz he was unknowingly eating some weight loss pills. Just like magic turds. The end. Until Mista arrived with his large mouth that he did NOTHING with. Suddenly he started to vomit some tasty rat piss, the classiest piss. In Justin's face. Justin responded by tossing Sullivan's salad. We all know Justin's a faggot. So we decided that he should vigorously bang AJ. Instead, he went to get chloroform for his butthole to prepare AJ for ass ravaging. So it began. Suddenly, Darkness divided his penis in to anal beads. Afterwards AJ went and killed Anarchy. Anarchy wasn't there, he was actually eating Sullivan's pubes.

    In the meantime Aj saw Anarchy sucking a cubscouts dick. HOLY SHIT! Anyway....Sullivan is probably eating his honey glazed ham. Sullivan then DIED, but really didn't. It actually was the semi driver that had his tits and beer up his ASS. With KAZ behind TURK's small schlong. Turk then slapped Kaz's ass and

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