Epic Hate Battle of History - Yogscast vs Mojang

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by |Hs| AJ, Nov 21, 2011.

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    So, Yogscast and Mojang had some indifferences during MineCon and apparently Yogscast were being complete dicks. Here's what we got so far:

    And for the other side of the story:

  2. MiSTA HARDKiLL 卐★Führer★卐

    First of all, the first Minecraft video to make it big on youtube was by Seananners...plus, I'm pretty sure Mojang had a huge cult following long before yogscast, thanks to people like Deadmau5.
  3. Yogscast is arguably the largest free advertisement for Minecraft now, though. Of course, everyone I know didn't buy Minecraft because of Yogscast. In fact, none of them have even heard of Yogscast.
  4. MiSTA HARDKiLL 卐★Führer★卐

    I hadn't heard of yogscast until a few months back to be honest.

    I'm siding with Notch on this debacle.
  5. I'm definitely siding with Notch, but I do think they should have been treated a *little* nicer out of respect to what they do for Minecraft. Unless I'm mistaken, I think they had to pay for flight, stay and entrance to go to MineCon.

    There was some bullshit that Yogscast decided to do, though, that makes me side with Notch over Yogscast and I can't overlook that.

    Also, the reason I am saying Notch over Mojang is because I believe these problems are being addressed by Notch specifically and not by Mojang as a whole.
  6. Justin Adolescent of Hs

    Never even heard of Yogscast until right now.
  7. You never had access to internet until just now.
  8. captbone |Hs| Member

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    Like you said, This is first ive ever heard of them.
  9. |Hs|Darkness Dark mind of |Hs|

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    what is this thing you call yogi caty :p :D
    Never heard of em and don't care about them.

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