directx error when trying to run blops and mw2

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Rapture, Nov 26, 2011.

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    I dont know what to do cuz they keep saying that there is a directx error and to go to the readme but there isnt a readme because its through steam and the video card can support it.
  2. What him and I have discovered so far:

    Graphics Memory - k4d551638f-tc50
    What appears to be the card name - Samsung 540
    though the above may not be as it was just something written on the card.. also it is a huge/old card that apparently doesn't require the PSU to be plugged into it, but just connected to the motherboard.
  3. Sully ZOMG

    Most budget/low end cards from yonder year don't even require a molex connector... You should probably reinstall your drivers.

    Check in your Device Manager under Display Adapters and you should be able to find out what you've got.
  4. Oh.. I never read the topic so I never noticed he didn't explain the events that happened. His video card isn't recognized by his computer and he doesn't know what the model of the video card actually is, so we can't even manually install the drivers. He is, inevitably, beyond help at this point unless someone can tell everything about a video card by looking at pictures of it.
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    this was before i tried talking to you and yeah theres no help for it haha im just waiting for my computer for christmas :)
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    Pictures never hurt...
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