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    What are you guys all doing. Nobody has posted stuff on this forum for over a year. Wanted to bring back some life to it!
  2. Guten Tag! Was gibt's Neues?
  3. Ariados The Eternal

    Hey, I stopped playing CoD games because I don't like how modern and now even futuristic they are and also full of hackers and kids with no respect at all. Thats not how I remember our times. I am also too busy because of irl stuff but have been thinking lately about some CoD 2 action. Good to see that some of you are still alive haha
  4. Sully ZOMG

    Well, dicks. How's it goin' man? Don't know if you play Minecraft or not, but head on over to where we (mostly) hang around now. I wish we were all more active as a clan too, but everyone's got their own shit going on, so oh well. Get your hippy euro ass in TeamSpeak! hoe and eventually somebody will see you. <3
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    Just not into Minecraft anymore. Guess never really was but I'll try to be online more often!
  6. Bone |Hs| Administration

    Did not know if this site was still up. It has been a long time. Hope everyone is doing well.
  7. Sully ZOMG

    You too, man! Most of us hang around Minecreate anymore, we don't really do much else together any longer unless you're active in TeamSpeak. Info in my post above if you're interested. Glad to see you still around.

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